About Grand Line

Grand Line is one of the largest producers of construction materials for cottage and low-rise construction in Russia and Europe.

Grand Line is the only company on the Russian and European markets to produce both metal profiled goods and PVC ones. Previously known as Metallist, it was founded in 1965 and gave birth to the Grand Line® brand in 2005. The company has seen a significant expansion over the last few years with the number of employees exceeding 3,000. 50 official outlets and 7,500 of our dealers offices have already been opened. 7 plants covering 5 regions of Russia are now operating; one of them – in Vorsino Industrial Park – is unique and cannot be found elsewhere in Russia. Grand Line goods are sold in 81 regions of the kredo.

Grand Line manufactures products within 7 categories for private cottage construction, industrial and civilian objects, such as:

  • roofing sheets
  • corrugated iron
  • metal siding
  • vinyl siding and soffits
  • metal rainwater systems
  • fencing systems
  • related products

Ensuring the quality of produced goods is the company’s greatest priority. Innovative techniques and materials used when producing the goods, along with constant monitoring for quality in raw materials and finished products in our personal workshop, allow the company to claim the goods to be of one of the highest quality on the market.
A unique 50-year written warranty serves as a true confirmation. Hundreds of customers, having already made sure of our claims of quality, trust Grand Line.

Contact information:
LLC «PO “Metallist”»

Russia, 249020, Kaluga region,
Borovsky district, Vorsino, Dobrino village,
2nd Vostochniy proezd, 2
Telephone: +7 484 399 61 55
Fax: +7 484 394 00 71